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Cyprus Mountains by Catherine Leyreloup

Catherine Leyreloup Cyprus Mountains limited edition prints . Order by phone on 0800 0431325 Catherine has exhibited in the Kenulf Gallery, London, the Fry Gallery and the renowned Fosse Gallery. Born Nice, France; British mother and French writer/professor father; youth in Canada. Art Education: Goldsmiths, Reading, Cyprus; nominated Fellow of the RSA in 96. Exhibitions: exceed forty in number (solo, group shows, regular events, galleries) and include the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. the Kenulf Gallery in aid of Save the Children, the Fosse, Highgate and Heifer galleries and a showing at the Fry Gallery alongside Sir Terry Frost, John Bellany and Mary Fedden. Catherine Leyreloup Cyprus Mountains

Cocktails and Broken Hearts

The Daily Telegraph had an interesting interview with Jack Vettriano in it yesterday .Vettriano still seems bothered about his reputation as a serious artist. He says “Unfortunately, people in this country equate popularity with trash”.Obviously there is no direct correlation between quality and popularity in art , music or any field of popular culture. He says he paints in a ” raunchy style – which he describes as “a cross between old railway posters and the covers of pulp fiction novels” If you have seen the pictures he published last year- Game On, Night and the City, and 4 other images – you would know exactly what he means.Even older images like Cocktails and Broken Hearts have a smouldering eroticism albeit a whole lot subtler…

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Jack Vettriano The Daily Telegraph interview

Jack Vettriano-“Unfortunately, people in this country equate popularity with trash,” he says. “Whenever somebody’s light shines too bright, there are people around who try to extinguish that light – because none of us wants to see our contemporaries get too much attention.”The Daily Telegraph

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