Days of Wine and Roses by Jack Vettriano

Days of Wine and Roses by Jack Vettriano

Days of Wine and Roses vettriano
Days of Wine and Roses - Exhibition Poster Limited Edition Exhibition Poster 32 x 24 ins Framed size: 34.0 x 26.0 ins Framed: 115.00
The posters will be available from 27th March 2010 but may be pre-ordered now. This limited edition poster is one of two designs published to accompany the exhibition, 'Days of Wine and Roses', which opens at the Kirkcaldy Museum & Art Gallery in Fife on 27th March 2010. Printed on 300gsm white essential silk board, the posters are available unframed or framed in a 1.2inch square cut, warm black frame with a brown highlight on the inner and outer edges. The frame has a vintage feel and was selected by the artist for the framing of his posters.

IMAGE SIZE 16 by 20 inches PAPER SIZE 26 by 22 inches PRICE £115 INCLUDES VAT . Order online for free UK delivery

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