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Ronnie Wood’s new exhibition

By admin | April 24, 2020

Manchester’s Richard Goodall Gallery is to play host to Rolling Stones’ star Ronnie Wood, showcasing a collection of his artwork throughout December. The show promises to feature an eclectic mix Wood’s work, from original paintings including portraits of the band alongside other iconic musical figures, to a new series of animal prints.Best known for his musical talents, Wood’s first passion lays with art. Having been born to an artistic family, his father first taught him to paint; he followed his brothers to the Ealing College of Art in London, where he received formal training. However, when his musical career began to develop in the late 1960s his focus changed. Wood maintains, however, that “I’ve never put a brush or a pen down, I was always sketching.” It was not until the late ‘80s that Wood decided to make better use of his skill.

Although originally dismissed by his band mates and told to “stick to playing guitar”, in recent years the musician’s artwork has caught the attention of renowned critics such as Brian Sewell, who describes Wood as “an accomplished and respectable painter”. Wood himself, has always remained confident of his talent - “They’ve accepted me and its blown my mind, I’ll be honest it really has. But then let’s face it: I paint well. I know it, you know it. There is no arguing really is there?”

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Ansel Adams at the Corcoran Gallery

By admin | September 16, 2007

Ansel Adams takes a new look at the work of this important and influential photographer through approximately 125 images drawn from The Lane Collection. Acquired by William H. and Saundra Lane directly from the artist during a 10-year period in the early 1960s and 1970s, the photographs showcase Adams’ extraordinary range and span the length of his six-decade career. Rarely exhibited prints including portraits and documentary images are presented along with several of Adams’ iconic landscapes, offering new insight into one of the very few photographers in the history of the medium whose name and images enjoy worldwide recognition.

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