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Ronnie Wood’s new exhibition

By admin | September 24, 2007

Manchester’s Richard Goodall Gallery is to play host to Rolling Stones’ star Ronnie Wood, showcasing a collection of his artwork throughout December. The show promises to feature an eclectic mix Wood’s work, from original paintings including portraits of the band alongside other iconic musical figures, to a new series of animal prints.Best known for his musical talents, Wood’s first passion lays with art. Having been born to an artistic family, his father first taught him to paint; he followed his brothers to the Ealing College of Art in London, where he received formal training. However, when his musical career began to develop in the late 1960s his focus changed. Wood maintains, however, that “I’ve never put a brush or a pen down, I was always sketching.” It was not until the late ‘80s that Wood decided to make better use of his skill.

Although originally dismissed by his band mates and told to “stick to playing guitar”, in recent years the musician’s artwork has caught the attention of renowned critics such as Brian Sewell, who describes Wood as “an accomplished and respectable painter”. Wood himself, has always remained confident of his talent - “They’ve accepted me and its blown my mind, I’ll be honest it really has. But then let’s face it: I paint well. I know it, you know it. There is no arguing really is there?”

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Ansel Adams at the Corcoran Gallery

By admin | September 16, 2007

Ansel Adams takes a new look at the work of this important and influential photographer through approximately 125 images drawn from The Lane Collection. Acquired by William H. and Saundra Lane directly from the artist during a 10-year period in the early 1960s and 1970s, the photographs showcase Adams’ extraordinary range and span the length of his six-decade career. Rarely exhibited prints including portraits and documentary images are presented along with several of Adams’ iconic landscapes, offering new insight into one of the very few photographers in the history of the medium whose name and images enjoy worldwide recognition.

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Joan Miro museum exhibition

By admin | September 11, 2007

This first major museum exhibition to focus on Joan Miró the “antipainter” identifies the core practices and strategies he used to attack “painting” between 1927 and 1937, a crucial decade within his long career.
Taking Miró’s notorious declaration of 1927&endash;”I want to assassinate painting”&endash;as its starting point, the exhibition begins with the remarkable series of works on unprimed canvas singled out by Louis Aragon as collage avant la lettre, and concludes with Miró’s return to realism in Still Life with Old Shoe.

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New Ansel Adams exhibition

By admin | September 11, 2007

A groundbreaking photography exhibition documenting a boating cruise on the Intracoastal Waterway is the focus of Ansel Adams in the East: Cruising the Inland Waterway in 1940. The collection will be displayed Sept. 15 through Dec. 2 at the Museum of the Albemarle in Elizabeth City, N.C. As a featured event, Exhibit Curator Stephen B. Jareckie will present a gallery talk Oct. 11 at 7 p.m. at the museum.
Depicting nearly 50 square proofs, gelatin silver prints and enlargements from 2.25-inch negatives, the photographs document a Thanksgiving week vacation cruise that took Adams and the well-known philanthropist David Hunter McAlpin from Norfolk, Va. to Savannah, Ga., in 1940.
Featuring photographs taken by Ansel Adams and McAlpin, an amateur photographer, the exhibition provides an early photo-documentary view of the Intracoastal Waterway prior to World War II.

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Kristin Jones and the Tiber piazza

By admin | September 11, 2007

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ShContemporary opens its doors in China

By admin | September 11, 2007

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Artist Michael Broussard signs contract with Top Cow Studios

By Photogold | , 2020

Artist Michael Broussard has signed an exclusive three-year contract with Top Cow Studios. This exclusive contract signing with Top Cow follows another announced last month, when artist Stjepan Sejic signed for three years as the long-term artist on “Witchblade,” and is part of Top Cow’s ongoing commitment to bring artistic stability to its titles.

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Jonathan Yeo to paint Tony Blair’s portrait

By admin | September 10, 2007

Jonathan Yeo’s recent unofficial portrait of President Bush was made up of images from more than 100 pornographic magazines .Jonathan Yeo has been commissioned to paint Tony Blair for Lincoln’s Inn to commemorate his work as a barrister.

“It will be the first occasion that he has come to my studio to sit formally for me,” says Yeo of the portrait. “The question now is finding a time in his diary when he can come.”
Although normally keen to pose for photographers, Blair, who practised law at 11 King’s Bench Walk Chambers in the early 1980s, has so far proved surprisingly reluctant to sit for a portrait.

It is traditional for prime ministers, either during their periods in office or afterwards, to sit for studies for the National Portrait Gallery and the House of Commons, but he has stubbornly resisted the entreaties of both.

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Artist Peter Howson publishes John Lennon portraits

By admin | August 26, 2007

Peter Howson’s new exhibition features a set of 20 portraits of John Lennon. The Northern Lights Festival in Durness , Sutherland opens on 28 September . Lennon’s sister Julia Baird and his oldest living relative Stan Parkes will attend the opening. Howson believes his images include his best ever portrait.”He looks like a Biblical prophet because that’s how I see him “

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Top Art collectors

By admin | August 16, 2019

ARTnews magazine is out with its annual list of the world’s top 200 art collectors. Seattle has five, San Francisco six, Portland and Vancouver, B.C., none.

ARTnews is the only art publication compiling such a list which means it always gets attention. Who makes the cut depends on who’s doing the recommending, and that comes down to curators, museum directors and critics around the world, along with auction-house and gallery clients — but only those who are willing to be known. In other words, ARTnews is guessing.

Seattle collectors featured this year are Paul Allen, Barney A. Ebsworth, Elizabeth and Richard Hedreen, Jon and Mary Shirley, and Bill and Ruth True, who share their holdings in a free-admission space known as Western Bridge

Art prints

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