Jack Vettriano banned by Google

Jack Vettriano’s images have been banned by Google for being too adult in content . Night Geometry has been disallowed by the Google Adsense team because they say it is too “adult” , whatever that means. The Blue Gown by Jack Vettriano is the new print released  as a Limited Edition Print. Available for pre-order now … Read more

Vettriano's castle for sale – Easterheughs Castle

Jack Vettriano’s former home and artist’s studio in Fife has gone on the market for offers over £1.5m. Easterheughs Castle, where the popular artist completed some of his most famous work, is currently owned by ex-Liverpool footballer Jimmy Carter . Mr Carter said “Jack Vettriano had decorated this house in a certain style. It was … Read more

Jack Vettriano print valuations

Customers often ask about the value of their prints . If you have some Jack Vettriano prints and would like to know their value with a view to selling them please phone us on 07723-538941 or fill in our online feedback form . Prints by Jack Vettriano can be divided into 3 types 1. Giclee … Read more

Jack Vettriano – Scotland's Famous Artist Vettriano

Jack Vettriano has complained about the criticism he has received despite being one of the most famous artists in the world. “I wouldn’t mind so much if most of the criticism criticised the work but it’s not the work they criticise. There’s a personal aspect to it as well.” The 55-year-old Vettriano is now based … Read more

Cocktails and Broken Hearts

The Daily Telegraph had an interesting interview with Jack Vettriano in it yesterday .Vettriano still seems bothered about his reputation as a serious artist. He says “Unfortunately, people in this country equate popularity with trash”.Obviously there is no direct correlation between quality and popularity in art , music or any field of popular culture. He … Read more

Jack Vettriano The Daily Telegraph interview

Jack Vettriano-“Unfortunately, people in this country equate popularity with trash,” he says. “Whenever somebody’s light shines too bright, there are people around who try to extinguish that light – because none of us wants to see our contemporaries get too much attention.”The Daily Telegraph