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Beckham fell off the edge of Manchester United on the night his team fell out of Europe. The sumptuous free-kick with which the England captain brought the scores level and a tap-in close to the end were his application to join football's greatest club. Old Trafford substitute one minute, Real Madrid luminary the next? 

A deal is being worked on to take the game's second most marketable player after Ronaldo to the Bernabeu. Sources say there is a 90 per cent chance of him starting next season in Spain. If it comes off he will be this year's Castillian butterfly. Madrid have to have a new one every year. Last year's acquisition was Ronaldo - and last night Brazil's unbreakable goal monster destroyed United with a hat-trick that will go down in Manchester legend.

For the second time in a week, Beckham started a vital United game in the stands. Arsenal last Wednesday, a Champions League quarter-final second leg last night. This is serious stuff. His brace of goals in a 4-3 victory were a rebuke for his manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who opted, in Paul Scholes's absence, for Juan Sebastian Veron, who kept Beckham out until the 64th minute.


Ferguson's anxiety about restoring him to his familiar position wide right was that Roberto Carlos had bewitched him in their three previous encounters. Beckham's primary athletic weakness is an absence of natural pace. Knowing this, Brazil's left-back has had no difficulty driving the Premiership's best crosser and dead-ball specialist back into his own half. The word nemesis jumped to mind.


But the United manager's preference for a converted striker (Ole Gunnar Solskjaer) in the right-winger's shirt speaks of a deeper collapse in the Ferguson-Beckham relationship, which stretches all the way back to United posters being pinned on Beckham's bedroom wall in London, and Ferguson taking him into the Old Trafford family like Sir Matt Busby nurturing one of his Babes.


At 3-1 down in a Champions League quarter-final, the natural expectation is that the manager summons his best 11 players and then worries about the formation later. Beckham's name failed to appear and from that only one inference can be drawn. It would have been easy to save this one-man merchandising industry from Roberto Carlos by deploying him in a central midfield three, alongside Nicky Butt and Roy Keane. Instead, the boss preferred to gamble on Veron, who had not played first-team football since March 5. And so it was that Beckham was sharing the worst seats in the house with Laurent Blanc, Darren Fletcher and Quinton Fortune.


'The End' was announced, by some, when Beckham was among the reserves for United's potentially season-defining game at Highbury. It's one thing to give him an enforced break in November or December, but quite another to ignore him in the club's two most important games. This, when the Premiership had honoured him with the goal-of-the-decade award in their 10th anniversary celebrations, and various marketing onslaughts are being planned for United's pre-season tour of the US.


So now is the time to wonder where Beckham is going as a footballer - literally and figuratively. If you include the famous FA Youth Cup winning team from 1992-93, he has worn the red yoke with distinction for a decade. There is no earthly reason why a parting should be depicted as a tragedy. Football clubs are moving organisms. They evolve. Beckham's own development has stagnated to the point where skydiving into Madrid would awaken his senses, widen his technical repertoire and extend his celebrity still further.


There's no point denying that Beckham's sense of himself as a commodity is now highly developed. This explains why he told his Japanese fans he would "love to come back and play here", and why interviews have begun appearing in American magazines such as Time. If the US is the last frontier commercially, the idea of Beckham in a Real Madrid shirt has its own special frisson, for both him and the club. Insiders at Real say the players there pick out Scholes and Giggs as the Mancunians they most admire. But they also understand Beckham's value as a box-office missionary. 

All over England the cry goes up: if he can't get in Man Utd's starting XI, how can he depose Luis Figo or Zinedine Zidane? Zidane is a master not just of the ball but time itself. Such craft, such powers of orchestration. Naturally, Ronaldo's hat-trick will be carved deepest in the Champions League's tree of life, but it's Zidane who makes possible those fizzing runs, those belting finishes. Ferguson, surely, was being mischievous when he suggested that the world's most gifted playmaker merely "plays across you" and indulges himself with "tricks".


DAVID BECKHAM can become the first £100million superstar by moving to Real Madrid.

The Spanish giants reckon snatching Goldenballs will help them leapfrog Manchester United to become the world's richest club.

United face Real in the European Cup quarter-final second leg next week, locked in a tug-of-war for Becks.

The England skipper has been linked with a £38m move to the European champions.

Beckham's skill, pin-up looks and popstar image means he is worth a fortune to the money men.

Real marketing director Jose Angel Sanchez revealed: "You can buy a fan's allegiance to your club if their favourite player moves to you.

"Manchester United have been the reference for us in Europe.

"They understood earlier than anyone that the industrial side of the game needed to be developed and that the club had to be a brand. There are three or four of us competing to be the biggest club force in global football."

United's market value is around £350m, compared to more than £1BILLION at the height of their power.

Arsenal's failed experiment with £4m Japan midfielder Junichi Inamoto was as much about merchandising in the Far East as it was about football. Real are just as keen to exploit lucrative commercial deals in the Orient.

A 10ft chocolate statue of Beckham was sculpted in Tokyo and BP launched their Asian Pacific Castrol Oil campaign using his image.

Sanchez added: "In some parts of our marketing work there is a very direct relationship between the stars we buy and our financial performance.

"Real Madrid realises that you have to grab certain market shares immediately.

"Otherwise, it could be very damaging to you and your financial power, particularly if one of your competitors does have that share. Market research shows that many football fans across Asia will transfer their allegiance from club to club without a thought if their favourite star moves.

"In Europe, with a game which is well over a century old, we give our loyalty to the clubs. But that is not the way it works in the emerging markets."


DAVID BECKHAM is buying a horse as a present for his wife Victoria.

Posh, 29 today, went riding as a child and has always dreamed of owning her own mount.

David has spent weeks scouring stables near their £1.7million converted barn at Nether Alderley, Cheshire, for the perfect four-legged friend for his pop star wife.

The Manchester United and England hero hasn't bought the horse in time for Victoria's big day.

But he hopes to take delivery in the next few weeks new wall art by Jack vettriano

He wants to surprise her by presenting it during a walk in the grounds of their home.

A friend of David's told me last night: "A horse is the ideal present for the girl who has almost everything.

"Victoria loves horse-riding but has never had her own. She used to love riding as a young girl but hasn't done much of it since.

"She and the other Spice Girls went on a riding weekend in Ireland during one of their breaks.

"And Victoria couldn't stop saying how much she enjoyed it and how she would love to take it up again.

So it is really thoughtful of David to make the decision to get her one. He toyed with the idea of getting a horse for himself too but was told not to by his bosses at United.Brooklyn already has a Shetland pony and really enjoys riding it. Now Victoria will be able to ride with him.

And it will be a great way for Victoria to get out the house and chill out for a while in the peace and quiet. David hasn't managed to get it in time for her birthday but it will hopefully arrive in a few weeks."

Becks has been looking at pedigree horses and isn't afraid to splash out to get the very best for Posh. He doesn't know much about horses but has been taking advice from some of the top experts in the field.

After having the horse delivered to their Cheshire home it is likely they will keep it at a private stable nearby.

Becks has never shied away from buying Victoria lavish gifts and he has had his fair share from her, too.

He once spent £10,000 on a pendant from posh jeweller Tiffany for a Christmas pressie.

David also bought her a diamond-encrusted crucifix worth tens of thousands.

And he regularly splashes out on gifts for her from designer stores Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Christian Dior.

Posh once paid £12,000 for a diamond-studded Cartier bracelet for Becks and in early days of their romance she even bought her sports car-loving hubby a new Ferrari.

Victoria Beckham has denied she colluded with top paparazzi photographer Jason Fraser to supply photos of herself and her husband, England football captain David Beckham, to the tabloids.

Going head to head with Piers Morgan in the first of his new BBC1 series, Tabloid Tales, the Daily Mirror editor suggested that Fraser "always seems to be in the right place at the right time," raising questions as to where he gets his information from.

In the programme Andrew Morton, who made millions from his biography of Princess Diana before later writing a controversial biography on the Beckhams, also claimed that Fraser was effectively their "court photographer".

"It looks as though they're snatched pictures, that they're taken off-guard, off duty, when all along those pictures where rehearsed and pre-arranged", he claimed.

But both Victoria Beckham and Fraser denied any collusion between the two. Fraser has snapped the Beckhams on dozens of occasions, most famously when took pictures of the couple's new haircuts.

"Occasionally what I have done in the past if I am walking out of a shop or a restaurant and there is a photographer there, sometimes I say 'hang on, let me put the kids in the car', because at the end of the day I want to know my children are safe," she Ms Beckham said.

"I'll put the children in the car and then I might say, 'OK if you let me do that and you don't take photographs of the boys I will go back and I will come out again and you can take pictures of me on my own'," she added.

Morton recalled how, on the day David Beckham got a new stunt haircut and his wife went for a blonde look, they evaded the photographers outside their home and instead met Fraser.

Fraser said he gets paparazzo tip-offs from a variety of sources, including celebrities themselves - but he would not be drawn on his specific relationship with the Beckhams.

Joe Sene, the former picture editor of OK! magazine, reckons photographs of the Beckhams are "easy sales", but claimed he had never received a tip-off from them as to their whereabouts.

"We know that pictures of Victoria will sell, we can sell pictures of Victoria Beckham and week in week out, it's easy sales," said Sene.

"We had an exclusive set of pictures of David strolling on the beach with Brooklyn in the morning before they left Barbados, well into five figures, closer to six figures, and it's not the first time we've sold pictures of the Beckhams for that sort of amount of money," he added,

In the interview Mrs Beckham also revealed how life imitated art imitating life, revealing how her hairdresser calls her Beaujolais - a reference to the shallow model character, TV cult hit Footballers' Wives who is called Chardonnay.

Source - media Guardian

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