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Jack Vettriano print valuations

Customers often ask about the value of their prints . If you have some Jack Vettriano prints and would like to know their value with a view to selling them please phone us on 07723-538941 or fill in our online feedback form . Prints by Jack Vettriano can be divided into 3 types 1. Giclee prints have been published over the last year. these include Game On , Night Geometry , Private Dancer and Pincer Movement 2. Silkscreen prints have been published over the last 4 years . In 2004 eight new silkscreens were published – Along Came a Spider , Game of Life ,Parlour of Temptation , Table for One , Altar of memory , Words of Wisdom , Models in the Studio and Drifters . They are highly collectible and many of these prints are now sold out . 3. Reproduction prints – these are reproductions of his most famous images including the Singing Butler and Dance me to the End of Love. 4. Canvas prints – prints on canvas of his most famous images If you are looking for a rare Vettriano print please phone us and we will contact our sources to find the print you are looking for . Please phone 07723-538941

Best selling artist Jack Vettriano of Lunchtime Lovers fame at Photogold

Kelpies canvas prints for sale – original images of the Kelpies.

Jack Vettriano was born in St Andrews , Fife, Scotland in 1951 and grew up in the mining town of Methil . He was raised in poverty – he lived with his mother, father and older brother in a spartan miner’s house, sharing a bed with his brother and wearing hand-me-down clothes. From the age of 10, his father sent him out doing any job that would earn money. His father took half his earnings. After leaving school at 15, he followed his father down the mine, working as an apprentice engineer. Vettriano took up painting as a hobby in the 1970s when a girlfriend bought him a set of watercolours for his birthday and from then on, he spent much of his spare time teaching himself to paint.

In 1984, Vettriano first submitted his work to an art exhibition in the museum . Jack Nicholson, Sir Alex Ferguson , Sir Terence Conran and Sir Tim Rice are amongst his fans .

Photogold was the first online art gallery in the UK and it is older than Google ! It was initially designed by photographer David Rankin  to market primarily prints of Scotland , including landscape prints featuring our eco canvas prints . We have a comprehensive range of signed limited edition prints by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano including Lunchtime Lovers and Elegy for the Dead Admiral . 

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