Jack Vettriano print valuations

Customers often ask about the value of their prints . If you have some Jack Vettriano prints and would like to know their value with a view to selling them please phone us on 07723-538941 or fill in our online feedback form .

Prints by Jack Vettriano can be divided into 3 types
1. Giclee prints have been published over the last year. these include
Game On , Night Geometry , Private Dancer and Pincer Movement
2. Silkscreen prints have been published over the last 4 years . In 2004 eight new silkscreens were published – Along Came a Spider ,
Game of Life ,Parlour of Temptation , Table for One , Altar of memory , Words of Wisdom , Models in the Studio and Drifters . They are highly collectible and many of these prints are now sold out .
3. Reproduction prints – these are reproductions of his most famous images including the
Singing Butler and Dance me to the End of Love.
4. Canvas prints – prints on canvas of his most famous images
If you are looking for a rare Vettriano print please phone us and we will contact our sources to find the print you are looking for . Please phone 07723-538941