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UK delivery on all limited edition prints is free .

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Safe online shopping

Our online shopping guide addresses the main issues in ordering art prints online . Please fill in our contact form if you have any comments or questions about or phone 01324 883305 (UK)

 Safe shopping guarantee 

Ordering online at Photogold is safe and easy . This page gives information about Photogold' s policies on Adherence to the terms of the Sale of Goods Act, the EU Distance Selling Regulations and the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications;

Conforming to the Data Protection Act 1998;
Providing security for the processing of credit card transactions;
physical location and contact details for themselves on their website;
displaying the total price consumers must pay for goods including delivery costs and provide a clear explanation of the delivery procedures;
email policy for marketing purposes;

Customers may be concerned about whether it is safe to give credit card details over the Internet . Secondly , many customers outside the UK need information about methods of delivery .

1 . Ordering by credit card

This site uses industry standard Secure Sockets Layer technology to enable customers to place orders securely . Credit card details can only be accessed by authorised company personnel . However if you do not want to place an order online , there are 3 options.

1 . Order by phone 01324 883305

2 . Order by mail . Our address is 40 Dunvegan Place , Polmont , Falkirk FK2 0NX, UK
Payment can also be made by
Paypal .


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2. Delivery guarantee

Orders are sent by first class post.Limited edition prints are sent by courier with insurance and tracking . Orders to countries outside the UK are sent by airmail . For added protection , we recommend choosing International Registered Delivery which includes insurance and tracking . If you do not receive goods ordered , please contact Customer Services to report this . Occasionally the postal service does not manage to deliver the order . If this happens , the order will be reprinted . In all cases , we will ensure that the order is delivered or a full refund will be made . Delivery queries must be made within 30 days of the order being placed .

If you are unsure how to order, don't know how the shopping cart works, want to know how to pay even if you don't have a credit card or any other problem then this section is designed to help .

How to use the shopping cart

The first thing to do is find what you are looking for. You can either search the gift shop or use the category links on the left of the page . If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us or fill in a feedback form . Pictures are added to the site on a daily basis . Shipping costs and delivery times are further down this page .

* The search results will display 10 items per page.Click on the link to see the picture or next for more items.

* Click on any thumbnail image to see a larger sized picture

* Add the item to your shopping cart by clicking on ' Add to shopping cart '

* To view your shopping cart, click on the Basket contents link at the top of your screen.

* You can now see your shopping cart.

* To continue shopping, simply use the search box or links.

* If you are finished shopping and ready to place your order, click on the CHECKOUT link at the top of your screen.


You can make the following changes while you are viewing your shopping cart:

* You can change the quantity of an item ordered by entering the correct number required in the box under the heading Qty.

* If you have changed your mind and don't want an item, simply enter a 0 (Zero) in the Qty box.

* You must click the Update changes button for quantity changes to take effect.

* You can also change the shipping destination, while you are on this page.



When you click on the checkout link at the top of the screen, the first thing you will see is a confirmation of your order.

* This is your last opportunity to go back and make any changes. To do so click on the appropriate link.

* If you are happy with the confirmation, we recommend that you print this page for your own records.

* Click Continue to proceed with checking out.


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40 Dunvegan Place


Falkirk FK2 0NX

Placing an order

Use the links on the left to find the picture you want or search the gift shop

Once you have found the picture you want click on 'Add to basket ' button to order it .

You can check what you have ordered by clicking on Basket Contents at the top or foot of the page .

When you have finished shopping , click on Checkout at the top or foot of the page to complete the order .

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If you need any help or have any problems placing an order, please contact us.
phone 01324 883305 (UK)
or fill in our
online feedback form .
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